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  • Conductive Floor Mats - USA
Made in USA, RoHS Compliant

Conductive Floor Mats are made of a 0.08" thick homogeneous polymer matrix of PVC. They are designed to rapidly drain off static electricity. Bertech's Conductive Floor Mats can be used for table top or floor grounding. They are black in color with a pebble embossed pattern. The embossed pattern can help make it slip resistant. They are resistant to degradation by inorganic and organic acids. Conductive Floor Mats are also available as kits that include the mat, a heel grounder, and a grounding cord.

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Applications: Aerospace, Computer Assembly, Computer Technicians, Electronic Assembly, Fiber Optics Manufacturing

Part Number CFM series
Color Black
Brand Name Bertech
Material Type Polymer matrix of PVC
Thickness 0.080"
Surface Resistivity 106
Tensile Strength 450 lbs./in.²
Elongation 100%
Tear 75 lbs./in.
UNSPSC Code 52101500

conductive floor mat
  • Part Number
Conductive Floor Mats, 3 Feet Wide
  • CFM-3x10BLK
  • CFM-3x20BLK
  • CFM-3x40BLK
Conductive Floor Mats, 4 Feet Wide
  • CFM-4x10BLK
  • CFM-4x20BLK
  • CFM-4x40BLK