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  • Conductive Foam
RoHS Compliant

Conductive Foam is designed for long term storage and shipment of small electronic parts. Conductive foam is corrosion resistant. It is made of carbon impregnated polyurethane material. Size: 24" wide x 36" long.

Applications: Shipment of electronic components, desktop computers, servers, network equipment, PDP/LCD TVs, and portable handsets for shielding.

Part Number HDCF
Color Black
Thickness 1/4" to 1"
Packaging 5 sheets per case
Material Type Carbon Impregnated polyurethane
Surface Resistivity <10V 2.6E+03
Volume Resistance <10V 4.1E+03
Electrostatic Decay <2 seconds
Farady Cup 0.1860 charge retention
UNSPSC Code 130000

conductive foam
  • Part Number
Conductive Foam
  • HDCF36-1/4-B
  • HDCF36-1/2-B
  • HDCF36-3/4-B
  • HDCF36-1-B