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  • Anti Static Test Meters
RoHS Compliant

Anti Static Test Meters include Constant Monitors that are used to reduce production costs by eliminating the time spent on testing wrist straps before each shift. Anti Static Wrist Straps are used to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) by safely grounding a person working with electronic equipment or at an electronic assembly facility.

  • Easy to use: Simply plug in the wrist strap
  • Easy to install: Attach the monitor to the bench with hardware and plug it in
  • The units are powered and grounded by the AC adapter
  • Compatible with any standard wrist strap
  • Provides a green light for safe condition and a red light with buzzer for unsafe condition

Surface Resistance Meters are portable, battery-operated survey instruments for evaluating the resistive properties of surfaces such as static dissipative packaging, flooring, or work surfaces over the range of 10^3 to 10^12 ohms or ohms per square. This pocket size meter uses parallel electrodes on the back of the meter. Perfect for periodic verification, factory audits or test lab evaluation of a product.

Applications: Aerospace Assembly, Computer Operators, Electronic Assembly and Repair, and Solar Industries

anti static constant monitor one user


anti static constant monitor two users


anti static constant monitor two users and one mat


  • Part Number
Anti Static Test Meters
  • EMSR-1